What’s inside? MERIDA: 50 years of MORE BIKE

We don’t just make bikes, we create companions that enable everyone to enjoy awesome rides continuously. That’s why our bikes offer what we call that little ‘more’: the feeling of riding the right bike, rather than just ‘any’ bike. This is what we call MORE BIKE and it’s been our driving purpose since our founding in 1972.

Since our humble beginnings now 50 years ago, our products and our brand has always focused on four fundamental principles; we design, we test, we build, and you enjoy the fruits of our labour. MERIDA has always been one of the few selected brands that control every step of the bike building process, taking our products from the first line of the initial design sketch, all the way through to the finished product that is ready to dive into your next cycling adventure with you.

We design and conceptualise all our products within our own R&D centre that’s based in Germany and staffed with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable heads in the business. When not discussing bearing sizes, carbon layups, geometries or anti-squat behaviour, our team is out there scouting the latest trends, talking to our customers, testing our bikes the limit and simply being cyclists.

We test what we design to the point of exhaustion. With the help of a dedicated team of riders and engineers, we push our products beyond the limits to make sure that every MERIDA is not just enjoyable to ride but is more than capable of withstanding what it is designed for. We benefit from the constant feedback from our racers on the dirt as well as the World Tour stages to constantly improve our product so that a MERIDA can carry with pride the label ‘Handmade in Taiwan’. Racing has always been part of our DNA and has provided us with one of the most demanding testing grounds as well as an unlimited pool of inspiration.

We build what has come out of the pencils of our R&D team and what has been through the mill of our test crew in our own factory. From kid’s bikes to hybrids, from race-proven hardtails to award-winning e-enduro machines, from adventure companions to air slicing road racers. This unique position gives us complete control from the moment we place the first weld to fitting the last component at the end of the assembly line. We never lose sight of the fact that a bike is much more than an assortment of countless individual parts; it is your way to discover the world, the vehicle that lets you live your life, the companion when you explore the unknown – and most likely one of your most treasured possessions.

We all ride; that is what we are doing it for, and that is what the MERIDA family is all about. We all want to discover the freedom only a bicycle can give you, the sense of achievement when breaking your own personal records; let it be how often you take the bike instead of the car, how quickly you managed to cover the ride to your favourite cycling café, or that you finally managed to get to the bottom of the trail ahead of your riding buddies. Whether analogue or digital, the pleasure a well-made, high quality and perfectly executed bike can give is unrivalled – and this has not changed from our early days to the present.

While we look back with pride at what we have achieved over the last 50 years, we know it is just the beginning. We believe in the bicycle; it brings us together. So let us look after it, as one.


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