Top Car Gadgets

top car gadgets

If you’re looking for a great car gadget, there are several types to choose from. If you have an older vehicle, you can update it with car gadgets. For example, the Pure Highway 600 Bluetooth radio comes with Spotify Connect integration and DAB+ radio stations. The Pure Highway 600 also features Bluetooth connection, so you can listen to your favorite music while driving.

Radar detector

If you’re looking for a great gadget to protect yourself from speeding tickets and other accidents, a radar detector may be the perfect addition. Radar detectors have a wide range of uses, including detecting pollution and speeding cars. Some are even used to alert drivers of construction zones or red light cameras.

Back-up parking camera

A back-up parking camera is a safety gadget that can be installed in most new cars. It is capable of sending live images to your dashboard screen when you’re in reverse. The camera helps you parallel park a vehicle or back up to a trailer hitch without accidentally bumping into another car. Some models also come with a 360-degree viewing option, which shows you how far you’re parked from other vehicles.

TFY universal car headrest mount holder

This universal car headrest mount holder is compatible with tablets and smartphones up to 10.5 inches. Its silicone holding net keeps your device in place, and you can adjust it to fit your preferences. It is also case-compatible, so your tablet or smartphone will not get damaged.


Navdy is a head-up display that shows you a variety of important details about your car. It connects to your car’s computer and displays information like fuel economy, tire pressure, and RPM. It also displays alerts from social media and email sources. You can dismiss these alerts while driving. This gadget is a great addition to any car and can give you valuable information that you would not otherwise get.

Tile tracker

One of the top car gadgets, the Tile tracker, is an app that locates lost vehicles. This gadget can be used to reduce the risk of getting a parking ticket, and it can even help the police find stolen cars. It works by connecting to compatible trackers so that they can be found easily.

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