Learn More About Photography Through Your Cameras


Learn More About Photography Through Your Cameras

Photography is a science, and cameras capture light to record a memory. The technology behind these devices freezes life into digital pixels, which can be viewed and shared later. But most people don’t know what happens when they press a camera button, or open a smartphone camera app. Using manual modes can enhance your photography. Here are some ways to learn more about photography through your cameras. Let’s take a closer look.

The first camera was a Single-8. It was the first to record sound directly to film. The sound recording head was in the oversize cartridge, which provided access to the film. The film manufacturers had to rebate the sound stripe on their films, which was used by the camera. A pressure plate was also part of the camera. Lastly, the film had to be the same thickness as the silent film. This meant that film quality was much higher than the silent film.

A second type of camera was the view camera. This was similar to a regular film camera, but instead of using a film, a ground-glass screen was used. These were best for static subjects and very slow. If you need to take photos of moving objects, you may choose a different camera. A view camera is a great choice if you want to have a photo of moving objects. These are perfect for documenting a wedding.





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