How much faster is an e-road bike? | MERIDA eSCULTURA vs SCULTURA ENDURANCE head to head

Just how much faster is an e-road bike than a normal, human-powered road bike? And does a conventional bike ever have the edge over an assisted one? To find out, we’ve took our eSCULTURA e-road bike with its @MAHLE X35+ drive system and a SCULTURA ENDURANCE – both piloted by a fairly average cyclist – and sent them around a test loop for a little race. We then crunched the numbers, with speed and heart rate looked at to give us some idea of how they both stack up against each other. The results might just surprise you!

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If you’d prefer to stay purely human-powered, check out the SCULTURA ENDURANCE range here:

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0:00 Intro – are ebikes always faster than normal bikes?
0:13 Assistance cut off speeds and why they matter for e-road bikes
0:40 Why might a normal bike be faster than an e-road bike?
1:00 Is an e-road bike faster than a road bike? Time to race!
1:03 Introducing the eSCULTURA e-road bike
1:25 Introducing the SCULTURA ENDURANCE road bike
1:43 How do the bikes stack up against each other?
2:06 The test loop
2:40 How we tested the e-road bike versus the normal bike
2:48 The result – and why it wasn’t what we expected
3:19 The myth of bikes being for lazy people busted!
3:38 Analysing the results
3:45 Analysing the results – the descent – which bike was faster downhill and why?
4:30 Analysing the results – the climb – how much faster was the e-bike uphill?
5:38 Analysing the results – the flat – which bike was faster on the level and why?
6:33 What are the conclusions from our race?
7:07 Who would an e-road bike like the eSCULTURA suit and why?
8:06 Who would a normal road bike like the SCULTURA ENDURANCE suit and why?

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