Choosing Security Cameras For Your Home

Installing security cameras is an effective way to protect your property. There are many different types of video surveillance cameras, and some of the most popular models are mobile and fixed lens. A mobile video surveillance camera syncs with your security system and records what happens. If you have multiple locations, you can use multiple video surveillance cameras to monitor several different locations at once. Choosing the right kind of video security camera for your home will help you protect your assets.


When it comes to video surveillance, you need to choose the right kind. Commercial-grade security cameras are the best choice, as they record both daytime and nighttime activity. In addition, you should choose a camera that has a high resolution sensor to detect even the slightest movements. The resolution of the video recording is important too, as it will help you monitor the activity in your property. If you don’t want to pay for additional storage and monitoring, you can choose a camera that uses a lower resolution sensor.

Wireless security cameras have become increasingly popular as they require no expensive video extension cables. This means they can be installed in places that wired cameras can’t reach. They can also take advantage of broadband wireless internet for smooth video streaming. In contrast, analog wireless transmits audio and video signals using radio frequencies. This technology has a transmission range of 300 feet, but this range is limited by walls and other obstacles. The cost of a wireless security camera may be prohibitive.

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